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Our girls

Here are our queens.They are selected by us on health, colour and pedigree.Our girls walk around the house freely and can use the fenced garden too.
Toscana Mariposa Magic Elf Chocolate tortie tabby & white (A) Mariposa has turned mother of a litter with Quilimajaro. She is very tender with her kittens
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Int.Ch. Curly Time Tootsy Black tortieshell harlekijn (A) Tootsy was our first devon, she’s very sweet but cautious. She is a very good mother to her kittens.
Gr.Int.Ch. LV* Relovety Rapunzel Blue tortie tabby (A) Rapunzel is a good mother and a sweet cat to have. She loves to cuddle and is always first on our lap
Neosfera Rex Jeyne Black tortie tabby Jeyne is our new girl, we hope to get some nice kittens from her in the future.
Bel Wonderland's *By Fortuna Blue cream tabby Fortuna is a charming lady with a nice colour, we are very curious about her first litter.
Funny-Face Enjoy Choc cream silver tabby classic Enjoy is a little rascal  in a very special colour.
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